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Pre-Masters Programme

A pathway to postgraduate study

The Pre-Masters Programme provides two terms of academic and English language study modules to prepare you for a postgraduate degree at the University of Strathclyde. 

Choose from two subject pathways, depending to the degree you want to study. Once you successfully complete this programme and achieve the required grades, you can start your chosen Masters degree.

Why study a Pre-Masters Programme?

Benefits of studying a pre-masters include:

  • Gaining the academic and English language skills needed for postgraduate study
  • Wider career opportunities and higher salary potential
  • Opportunity to specialise in a different field to your undergraduate degree.

Choose your subject pathway:

Study plan

IELTS Length Sept Dec Jan Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sept
5.0 3 terms                 Start degree
4.5 4 terms                
5.0 3 terms                
5.5 2 terms                
5.5 2 terms                

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