Student Story – Estelle

I chose to study in Strathclyde because it is one of the top business universities in the UK. When I saw their accreditation and how they were also one of the top entrepreneurial universities, it was something that really struck me because I feel like I’m a budding entrepreneur. I felt that this is something that I can relate to and this university would be a good platform for me where I could grow my entrepreneurial abilities.

I’d also heard a lot about Scotland and particularly Glasgow, the whole environment here, the reputation of Scotland being a really friendly place, which is true.

I love how the campus is in the city centre, it’s so easy to get around. I don’t really have to spend a lot on travelling because I can just walk around, I can shop and then walk back home. There’s a good airport and it’s easy to fly around if I want to travel. And the train systems are really good as well so on weekends taking a train up to the highlands and go for a hike is so easy.

The ISC prepares you for university by training you to enter into Year 2. It was quite an intensive period considering the short amount of time we had to cover a lot of topics. We had small classes so we had more time one-on-one with our teachers and if we had any questions it was easy to just ask.

Studying in Scotland is completely different from studying in Singapore. What strikes me first of all would be the work/life balance. It’s very hard to get a balance in Singapore because of how competitive it is. If you really want to do well you have to neglect everything else. Whereas here in Scotland, I feel like there is so much more freedom even in how you want to create your assignments. I think you have to take your own initiative to learn. One of Strathclyde’s visions is to have lifelong learning and learning that’s applicable in everyday life, which I find really good.

The society I’m most involved in is the University of Strathclyde Singapore Society because, being the President, there’s a lot of things that I want to organise to get the community together. When I first joined Strathclyde I realised that there was no Singapore Society and, being a Singaporean, it was something that I felt was necessary for students to be able to have a home away from home.

It’s very exciting, all the events that we have. But also, because there are not a lot of Singaporeans, it forces me to step out of my comfort zone and be like, “Okay, I have to make friends with people that are not Singaporeans”. It has been very rewarding learning about different cultures and cross-cultural skills as well. It just makes you a better person when you understand people from different cultures and learn to appreciate each other.

I love being outdoors. I feel like Scotland’s the best place to do that in the whole of the UK because we’re so near all these huge beautiful mountains and the highlands. That’s like one of my favourite things about Scotland, that it’s so near to nature. There’s just so much to explore in Scotland so I love it a lot.

I am planning on going back to Singapore and perhaps joining a start-up and getting some experience before I start my own business. The reason why I wanted to study business was because my vision is to start my own business, my own social enterprise in the future. Because of university I feel much more prepared than before.

Estelle from Singapore
Undergraduate Foundation Programme Business and Social Studies
Graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in BA (Hons) Business Enterprise