Student story - Ololade from Nigeria

I chose to study in Strathclyde because of the rankings for my course. When I checked the rankings for electrical and mechanical engineering, I saw that Strathclyde was in the top ten. I like to aim for good things so I came to Strathclyde for that reason.

Back home the universities can teach you the theoretical aspects so good, you are going to be perfect, but when it comes to practical, that's the problem. Most of the things you are being taught, you haven’t seen them in the real world. You are like oh, what is this, and you can explain how it works but you don’t exactly know how to operate it. That's why I chose to come here because here both the theoretical and practical aspects are covered which is really good.

The campus is big, that's the beauty, it is really big. I like the buildings and how well furnished they are and how they are maintained. I love the fact that the campus is in the City Centre and I can access anything I want, the shops and everything. I can go shopping, I can buy groceries and I can also get to experience real living in Glasgow.

The accommodation was good. It was a good experience. I met really good people, nice people from different parts of the world. That is the beauty of international studies because I got to meet people I had never met before. Back home in Nigeria I hardly get to meet people from different countries.

Studying at the ISC really helped me to get used to the city, go out and really experience Glasgow life. At the ISC I had more time to go around. I had a lot of things to do still but the pressure wasn't that much on me. I got to get used to the weather, the food, going around which was really good because now in my second year I'm studying and making sure I'm at the top of my class, so I don’t really have time to see the city and explore it.

When I got here, I got to see some uni equipment that I thought were really cool, things I’d never seen before. I have this class, electronic electrical principles, where we had a lab and I actually got to see a breadboard which I hadn’t seen before and I didn't know how to use.

I joined the University of Strathclyde chorus because I love to sing and it’s not too serious. We perform during Christmas, Easter, any special thing. The last performance we did was for the University of Strathclyde Proms. All the music groups in the uni came together at the Kelvin Centre to have a performance and it was so much fun. I got to do some songs with my friends. I enjoy singing so it’s good.

I recently applied for the VIP group in the University of Strathclyde for sustainable energy because I think that is where I will love to go towards in my degree.

When I got to Glasgow people were really nice. I didn't know my way around and I asked for directions. The lady actually didn't know where it was but she was apologising to me for not knowing.

I like the ease of access; I can access virtually anything I need. If it is online I can just order it and I get it in three days. It really makes life easy.

Stores open late and they open on Sundays. Back home most stores don’t open on Sundays but here, if I forget to do something during the week, I have Saturday and Sunday to get the things I need.

After university I plan on going back home to do my NYSE. It’s a programme we have to do back home after you finish university; you work for the government for a year. If you want to get a good job in Nigeria, you have to do it. So I plan on going back home to do that and then after that probably get my Masters, then go back home to get a job. I would like to work in the power sector. It is something that interests me, and I would like to really focus on renewable energy.

Ololade from Nigeria
Undergraduate Foundation Programme in Engineering and Sciences
Progressed to BEng (Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering