Why studying in Scotland gives you more flexibility and needn't take longer

At Scottish universities like the University of Strathclyde, undergraduate degrees are typically four years long. This is the same as in other countries, like the USA, Australia and France, which all followed Scotland’s lead.

Did you know…?

Scotland was the first country in the world to introduce universal school education. It was also one of the first European countries to establish a quality assurance system for its educational institutions.

What if you do a pathway programme first?

If you start your degree with a pathway programme, it is possible to complete your studies in Scotland in the same length of time as studying in England.



Study a one-year Undergraduate Foundation Programme followed by Years 2 to 4 of an undergraduate degree.


Study a one-year International Foundation Year followed by Years 1 to 3 of an undergraduate degree.

What are the academic benefits of a Scottish degree?

Studying for four years gives you the chance to try out more subjects. It gives you the flexibility to find out what suits you best before committing to your final degree subject. With a broader knowledge base, you’ll have a stronger academic foundation for when you decide to specialise.


An undergraduate student studies History, Politics and Spanish in Year 1 at a Scottish university. She decides that she enjoys History and Spanish the most, so she continues to study those subjects in Year 2. Deciding to gain a single honours degree, the student focuses solely on Spanish for Years 3 and 4. She graduates with an honours degree in Spanish.

Your pathway to the University of Strathclyde

Undergraduate Foundation Programme
(International Study Centre) 
University degree Year 2  University degree Year 3  University degree Year 4 Graduate
International Year One BBA 
(International Study Centre)
University degree Year 2 University degree Year 3 Graduate
Pre-Masters Programme
(International Study Centre)
University degree
Start postgradaute

 This is an example timeline. Some exceptions may apply.

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