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Business and Social Studies Pre-Masters Programme

Key facts

Start dates

  • January
  • April

Course length

  • Two terms

Course overview

This two-term pathway will prepare you for your chosen postgraduate degree at the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences or Strathclyde Business School.

You will study core modules, focusing on general skills and academic areas most useful to your chosen progression degree. Students achieve excellent progression; 96% of Pre-Masters Programme students who completed their course were offered a place to study at the University of Strathclyde in 2017.

You can join the Pre-Masters Programme in January or April. If you need additional English language support, you can study the English for Pre-Masters course first. 

Core modules

Academic English Skills aims to provide you with thorough training in the language and related academic skills which will enable you to best achieve your academic potential at University. These skills include the processes of academic writing, effective and extensive reading strategies, effective participation in seminars and delivery of presentations, and listening to and recording information effectively from lectures. You will also develop the accuracy and range of written and spoken language required to use language effectively and appropriately, with clarity and confidence in an academic context.

You will further develop your writing fluency and accuracy within the patterns, conventions and register of academic communication that you are exposed to through the AES programme. You are given more opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to identify the relevant structures and organisational patterns required for effective completion of specific writing tasks, both group and individual, in response to a range of authentic academic scenarios in your field.

This module explores common mathematical techniques which are required for you to succeed on a postgraduate course in business and/or social studies, e.g. for the study of economics and/or as inputs to managerial decision-making. The emphasis of the module is on practical application, with use to be made of appropriate software.

This module refines and further develops knowledge and skills relating to research methods. The module is focused on developing an understanding of the application and limitations of a variety of research techniques used for data gathering and analysis in their specialist subject area.

This individual project provides you with a learning experience that will enable you to carry out independent research, integrating many of the academic skills that you have been developing with regard to an area of subject knowledge of their own choosing. You are expected to plan, research and execute your task while developing skills in critical judgement and independent working. You will present an extended piece of written academic work, appropriate to their preferred area of subsequent postgraduate study.

The module covers common statistical techniques for data analysis and for decision-making, as applied in academic and practical situations. The emphasis of the module is on developing your knowledge and skills, with extensive use of appropriate software.

This module seeks to develop awareness of the student’s own skills and abilities, increase recognition of their strengths and weaknesses, build communication skills, and ultimately enhance employability. Career Ahead software is used to prompt students on this learning journey. Students are also familiarised with current theories of leadership, helping them to identify their preferred team role, management ethos and leadership style. Practical skills such as creating bespoke CVs, personal statements, and Personal Development Plans will also be covered.

Entry requirements

For full entry requirements information, please visit entry requirements page.

Fees and scholarships

To learn more about course costs visit our fees and payments page.

Scholarship opportunities are available. 

Degree progression

Once you have completed the Pre-Masters Programme, and subject to satisfying the progression criteria, you can proceed to your postgraduate degree at the University.

University Degree Award English grade Subject grade
Applied Economics MSc 60% 60%
Autism * †
MSc 60% 60%
Business & Management (MBM) MSc 60% 60%
Business Analysis & Consulting MSc 60% 60%
Business Translation and Interpreting * ^
MSc/PG Dip 60% 60%
Construction Law LLM 60% 60%
Criminal Justice & Penal Change LLM / MSc 60% 60%

Digital Journalism

MLitt 80% 60%
Digital Marketing Management MSc 60% 60%
Data Analytics  MSc 60% 60%
Economics and Finance MSc 60% 60%

Education Studies **

MSc 60% 60%
Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership 
MSc 60% 60%

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

MSc 60% 60%
European Politics MSc 60% 60%
Finance MSc 65% 60%

Finance and Management

MSc 65% 60%
Financial Technology  MSc 60% 60%
Global Energy Management MSc 60% 60%

Global Environmental Law and Governance

LLM 60% 60%
Global Sustainable Cities MSc 60% 60%
Health History MSc 60% 60%
Historical Studies MSc 60% 60%
Human Resource Management MSc 60% 60%
Human Resources and International Management
MSc 60% 60%

Human Rights Law

LLM 60% 60%
Innovation and Marketing Management  MSc 60% 60%
International Accounting & Finance MSc 60% 60%
International Banking & Finance MSc 65% 60%
International Commercial Law LLM 60% 60%
International Human Resource Management MSc 60% 60%
International Law & Sustainable Development LLM 60% 60%
International Management MSc 60% 60%
International Marketing MSc 60% 60%
International Relations MSc 60% 60%
International Relations, Law and Security
MSc/LLM 60% 60%
Internet Law & Policy LLM 60% 60%
Investment & Finance MSc 65% 60%
IT & Telecommunications Law
LLM 60% 60%
LLM 60% 60%
Law & Finance LLM 60% 60%


MSc 60% 60%
Media & Communication MLitt 60% 60%
Mediation & Conflict Resolution MSc 60% 60%
Physical Activity in Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Control MSc 60% 60%
Politics MSc 60% 60%
Political Research MSc 60% 60%

Primary Education ***

PGDE 60% 60%
Project Management and Innovation MSc 60% 60%
Public Policy MSc 60% 60%
Quantitative Finance
MSc 60% 60%
Secondary Education *** PGDE 60% 60%
Social Policy
MSc 60% 60%
Social Policy (Research Methods)
MSc 60% 60%
Social Work
MSc 60% 60%
TESOL and Intercultural Communication MSc 60% 60%
Tourism Marketing Management MSc 60% 60%

* Pre-approval required before you can receive an offer.

** Some subjects may require previous teaching qualification and experience.

*** PGDE interview and Advanced disclosure check required.

^ In addition to English, students must be proficient in one of the following languages: Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian or French. Applicants complete written and oral aptitude tests.

† Students must have relevant degree or direct experience living or working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Statement detailing experience required on application.

Please note that integrated Masters programmes (not listed above) cannot be accessed via the Pre-Masters Programme.

These degrees and grades are subject to change.