Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science covers all the major scientific disciplines, from life sciences, chemistry and physics, through to computer science, mathematics and statistics.

A launch pad to an exciting career in science

The Faculty of Science explores the challenges and opportunities of the natural and technology worlds. This includes drug discovery, public health, environmental concerns, tackling cybercrime and understanding space.

Vibrant community

The Faculty provides a dynamic, supportive and friendly place to study. Studying science at Strathclyde makes you part of an international community.  

Enhance your career prospects

A degree from the Faculty of Science will allow you to gain a valuable qualification that will enhance your career prospects. Enjoy high-quality teaching, informed by innovative research and delivered by world-class researchers. The University also has strong links with industry, the NHS and international partners.

Leading research

The Faculty receives multi-million pound funding from research councils, the EU, NHS, charities and industry. The money funds research activity across pure and applied sciences. Many staff work in partnership with international researchers. Others undertake research overseas and contribute to, or lead, international conferences.