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World Wellbeing Week

Posted 07 July 2021
Students walking and chatting

How often do you feel guilty about taking breaks when studying for finals? That feeling of watching ‘just one more episode’ but feeling extremely anxious at the same time. Don’t worry – we all do. In fact, taking out time for yourself is just as important as studying!

Watching a movie, going out for lunch and even gathering your friends for a round of COD is a great way to take a moment out for yourself and relax.

Whenever I feel anxious or even overwhelmed, I stop whatever I’m doing, take a long deep breath, and do things that will help me feel calm and at peace. Preparing a hot bath with scented candles, ordering food that reminds me of home and, most importantly, talking to my loved ones about how I feel works most of the time, if not every time.

But if you still feel down, it’s better to talk to someone who can help. And as cliche as it may sound, yoga helps a lot! Just saying, if you don’t try for yourself, how will you know? And that’s exactly what the World Well-being Week is all about. Often, we work so hard towards chasing our goals that we forget to take time out for the hobbies we once used to enjoy.

This week let’s challenge ourselves to try at least one hobby every day. So, get that canvas and paint brush out and paint your best portrait, perhaps take that sweet Vespa out for a ride – it won’t get any younger sitting in your garage. Or, go take a hike with your friends to the top of highlands and try letting out a liberating scream!

But most importantly while celebrating the World Wellbeing Week, don’t forget to share with us pictures of how you like to blow off steam and relax. Wishing you all a great stress-free week!

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