Strathclyde student Estelle and family member

Estelle's story

"Living in Glasgow you get the benefits of being in a city so a lot of things are available to you but there are not too many crowds. I love shopping here."

"I’m a foodie and people are getting into the coffee scene and the brunch scene. We have coffee festivals now! Most the big stars that come to Scotland do their concerts in Glasgow because of the SSE – it’s the biggest concert venue in Scotland.

"The government has this campaign, People Make Glasgow, which is really true. I think they got it on the spot. In Glasgow people are more down to earth and they look out for each other.

"Because there are three universities in Glasgow, and there’s Glasgow City College, it’s a student city. There are so many students all around and if you shop here you get 10% off as students. Sometimes I’ll go to Glasgow City College because you can go to the courses and get your hair done or your nails done for a really good price.

"My time at the International Study Centre was definitely more intensive than I thought it would be. Looking back at when I first entered the University, I was pretty shocked at how relaxed it was compared to the International Study Centre. It’s a good training ground for you to prepare for university as you feel almost over-prepared.

"It’s quite small classes in the International Study Centre, which was really good because you get more time with your tutor if you have questions."

Estelle from Singapore
Studied Undergraduate Foundation Programme in
Business and Social Studies
Graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in BA (Hons) Business Enterprise