Maha from Saudi Arabia

Maha's story

"At the International Study Centre they provided us with trips at the weekends. For example, I love the island of Skye and Arran. It’s really good because when we first come here, we don’t know where to go in Scotland."

"When I started at the International Study Centre, the people who worked there really made us comfortable. They knew that international people were scared to study abroad alone, but facing challenges made me realise that I need to take more responsibility. I think challenges like studying abroad are interesting and exciting. You meet new people from all around the world and learn different cultures.

"One of my best friends is Taylor. She’s from Hong Kong and also Estelle from Singapore. We’re from all around the world. The friends that you meet in orientation and your foundation are going to stick with you through the whole experience.

"Scotland is a really historical place. It’s more than just studying. You’re going to explore!

"In my foundation year, I started in January, so it was winter. It snowed and that was my first time seeing snow. I remember wearing my jacket and running so fast downstairs that I even forgot my keys. It was a really amazing experience. It was magical to see snow!"

Maha from Saudi Arabia
Studied Undergraduate Foundation Programme in
Business and Social Studies
Progressed to BA (Hons) Hospitality & Tourism Management