Mona from Egypt and a fellow student outside

Mona's story

"I chose Electronics and Electrical Engineering because it has this really cool combination of coding and computing and physics and electronics. You get to learn about physics and you get to practise it in your electronics degree where I deal with different circuits. It really opens up a lot of different jobs after university."

"Throughout my course I'm looking forward to having different placements and different friends. You get to meet new people every day. I also get to experience different labs and practical work, so that's exciting.

"I'm really enjoying electronics because, as a second-year student, you start to do circuits and work in groups to use the equipment, so that's really fun.

"I chose the International Study Centre for the support. If you don't want to go to university directly and meet new people, you can go to the International Study Centre to help you meet other cultures. It also helps you with the facilities and you get to go to different events, so that’s a way of experiencing student life.

"It [the ISC] prepared me for my course and it prepared me, not only as student, but also in how to talk to other people. I was a class representative in the Foundation, so it really helped me talk to other people fluently. It wasn't a struggle going into first year or second year and not being able to speak up. It wasn't only educational help, it was also the social experience."

Mona from Egypt
Studied Undergraduate Foundation Programme in
Engineering and Sciences
Progressed to BEng (Hons) Electronic & Electrical Engineering