Business School graduates reflect on their time at the International Study Centre

As we prepare to welcome new students to the University of Strathclyde International Study Centre this September, we thought you’d like to hear from some of our alumni.

We met up with two past students at their graduation ceremony in June and they talked to us about making friends when they arrived to study in the UK. Maha from Saudi Arabia and Estelle from Singapore became good friends from day one at the International Study Centre.

Making new friends

Maha studied the Undergraduate Foundation Programme in Business and Social Studies and graduated with Hospitality, Tourism and Management BA (Hons). She said:
One of my best friends is Taylor. She’s from Hong Kong and also Estelle from Singapore. We’re from all around the world. The friends that you meet in orientation and your foundation are going to stick with you through the whole experience.

She continued:
At the International Study Centre they provided us with trips at the weekends. For example, I love the island of Skye and Arran. It’s really good because when we first come here, we don’t know where to go in Scotland.

Student life in Glasgow

Glasgow is known for being a friendly and welcoming city. With several universities and colleges it is a city full of students and a vibrant community.

Estelle studied the Undergraduate Foundation Programme in Business and Social Studies and graduated with a First Class Business Enterprise BA (Hons). We asked her what student life was like in Glasgow. She said:
I’m a foodie and people are getting into the coffee scene and the brunch scene. We have coffee festivals now! Most the big stars that come to Scotland do their concerts in Glasgow because of the SSE – it’s the biggest concert venue in Scotland.

She told us more about how she found the international experience of studying abroad at her graduation:

Joining us in September?

Find out what you need to know before you arrive, including what to pack, when term starts and what to expect in your first week.