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Postgraduate pathway programmes

Your pathway to postgraduate study

What is the Pre-Masters Programme?

The Pre-Masters Programme provides academic and English language study modules to prepare you for a postgraduate degree at the University of Strathclyde. We offer the two-term standard programme and a 12-week accelerated format. Alternatively, you can choose to study virtually with our Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme. With this variety of flexible options, you can can progress to Strathclyde at the right pace from a setting that suits you.

Across all programme options, there is a choice of subject routes depending on the degree you want to progress to. Once you successfully complete your programme and achieve the required grades, you can start your chosen Masters degree.

Why study a Masters in the UK?

  • Impress employers with your dedication and drive to your subject
  • Become an expert in what you’re passionate about
  • Gain a competitive edge in the employment market
  • Increase your earning potential by gaining more experience
  • Opportunity to specialise in a different field to your undergraduate degree
  • Develop your research skills.

Choose your Pre-Masters Programme

* For more information, see here
^ Students from China and Taiwan currently studying a diploma or a degree may be eligible for an earlier entry route

Study plan options

Your start date and the length of the programme you need to study at the International Study Centre depends primarily on your IELTS score. Depending on your choice of intake, you may also have an opportunity to take a break between completing your pathway programme and starting your Masters degree.

Use this table to find out when you can start your programme, and whether you need to take an English language preparation course first.

If you want to start your postgraduate degree in January

Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme

Study Plan for the Accelerated Pre Masters Programme

Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme

Study Plan for the Online Accelerated Pre Masters Programme

If you want to start your postgraduate degree in September

Pre-Masters Programme

Study Plan for the Pre masters programme

Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme

Study Plan table for the Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme

*Alternatives are accepted for the English language requirement.
^You can study your English language course (up to 1 term only) and the Pre-Masters Programme with one visa.
Please note: Students on the English language course do not need to take an additional IELTS test at the end of their course to progress on to their Pre-Masters Programme. You will be assessed on your Academic English Skills (AES) grade at the International Study Centre (you will be required to achieve a minimum of 40% in all areas).

Learn about preparing for your Masters degree

Need to improve your IELTS score?

We offer additional English language programmes that are designed to raise your IELTS to the required level.

Preparation for Study - for the Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme

  • 5 weeks: July
  • 10 weeks: June

English for Pre-Masters - for the Pre-Masters Programme

  • 1 term: January or September
  • 2 term: September

Find out more about our English language preparation courses.

Don't have the required IELTS for the online programme?

If you don't meet the English language requirement of our Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme, we offer this course in longer duration which will equip you with the English tuition.

  • 2 semesters: February
  • 3 semesters: October