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  • Science student at Strathclyde ISC

    Reasons to study biomedical engineering

    Posted 25 November 2020

    Thinking about studying a biomedical engineering degree? From changing lives to an abundance of career opportunities, there are a variety of benefits to studying biomedical engineering at university. Discover more here and find out how you can study biomedical engineering abroad in the UK.


  • Engineering students on project site

    How to become a chemical engineer

    Posted 14 September 2020

    A career in chemical engineering is both varied and engaging, and can lead to employment in numerous industries.


  • Progressed Strathclyde ISC student - Alaa

    Why study a business administration degree?

    Posted 30 June 2020

    If you see yourself working in a fast-paced business environment and using your skills to make strategic decisions, then a business administration degree could be one to add to your shortlist. 


  • Two students talking

    Why study Actuarial Science?

    Posted 26 February 2020

    In 2018, Actuary careers were rated as a top 10 career choice, thanks to both global demand and graduate salaries starting at over £30,000. Find out why else Actuarial Science at University of Strathclyde is a great choice for your future.


  • Student in high vis jacket walking up a ladder

    Why study Electronic and Electrical Engineering?

    Posted 19 January 2020

    Electrical engineering is a broad field with career opportunities in industries such as transport, robotics and digital technology.


  • Student presents in court

    Why study a business law degree?

    Posted 13 December 2019

    A degree in business law is a great way to gain an awareness of law and the legal implications of business operations.


  • Two students performing an experiement

    Why study Pharmacy?

    Posted 02 April 2019

    Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences is one of the top schools of pharmacy in the UK and is a major research centre in Scotland.


  • Student shaping a prosthetic

    What is the study of prosthetics and orthotics?

    Posted 25 May 2018

    Discover the medical, clinical and technical aspects of this unique degree in Scotland. The University of Strathclyde offers the only four-year prosthetics and orthotics degree in the UK.


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