International Study Centre

If you want the flexibility to study virtually from home, while still accessing all the interactive online learning needed to fully maximise your academic potential, we now offer a postgraduate preparation course, the Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme Plus.

Through our online learning experience platform, insendi, you can study this highly engaging programme, that has been designed to prepare you to undertake postgraduate-level study at the University of Strathclyde with confidence, as well as ensuring your academic and professional success.

Why study online?

The benefits of studying online are numerous, as many of our students have experienced in the past year. These include:

Less financial commitment

Students who choose to study online will not have to worry about spending money on relocating. Elements that international students normally have to consider, like flights, visas and accommodation costs will not be a factor in your life when studying remotely.

More working flexibility

If you are already committed to a job or completing another educational qualification, you can study our programme online without having to compromise. All courses offered digitally will be made up of seminars and group tutorials that are recorded, meaning they can be attended virtually or accessed at a time that suits you. This way, you can build your study schedule around your working hours and maintain a balance you feel comfortable with.

No major lifestyle change

You will not have to leave home to study our digital programme, which means there is no need to uproot and start over in a brand new country yet. You can study from the comfort of your familiar surroundings, while building bonds with teachers and fellow students via the adept insendi platform, ahead of arriving at the University of Strathclyde.

What can I do with an online programme?

There are a variety of progression options for digital students. Upon successfully completing your Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme, you will be able to start the Masters degree of your choice, just as any other International Study Centre student would. You will benefit from the same level of socialisation and community learning as our other students, as well as having access to bespoke student orientation and the career support we offer too.

How can I study online?

Find out more about the Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme, and how it can offer you the opportunity to achieve your academic potential and the best start to your postgraduate journey from anywhere in the world.

As soon as you confirm your place and pay your deposit, you will gain access to our learning experience platform and can start engaging with your peers and teachers.

Find out more about starting your studies or check the latest COVID-19 information.